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Leonardo da Vinci framed art
Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519, an Italian Renaissance painter, was widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. An Italian polymath that had great success in multiple disciplines of art, Leonardo is considered one of the greatest painters of all time. His influence has even led to him pursuing other endeavors like inventions, science engineering and literature. He was educated under the tutelage of Andrea del Verrocchio, and once mature enough the greatest da Vinci artwork created became the Mona Lisa. It is considered priceless, and is one of many creations that has cemented Leonardo as one of the best of all time. Other da Vinci works include The Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks, and The Virgin and Child with St. Anne.
Totally 1 Leonardo da Vinci Works for Sale. Painted by Teachers & Professors!
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Totally 1 Leonardo da Vinci Works for Sale

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