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Claude Monet framed art
Claude Monet, 1840-1926, was a founder of French Impressionist painting. One of the original founders of French Impressionist painting, Claude Monet had a philosophy that provided the actual breath of the movement and others that followed. Monet artwork painting “Impression, Sunrise” was a good example of that, and a very big deal when it was exhibited in 1874. His love for France was also the inspiration to some of the most famous Claude Monet works. His trademark Monet Water Lilies continue to live on in infamy, and are a one of a kind feature that makes him such a powerhouse in the art world. Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur, Woman in a Garden and Jean Monet on His Hobby Horse also have made big waves in the art world.
Totally 4 Claude Monet Works for Sale. Painted by Teachers & Professors!
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Totally 4 Claude Monet Works for Sale

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