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Framed Art Wall Who Will Make The Artwork Paintings?

Paintings.works is an American art gallery locates in

Seattle, US, we organize a group of international academic

artists, who are teachers and professors in art colleges or

universities, to supply beautiful rolled or framed art. All

paintings could be custom made as small or large artwork.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Custom Made in Any Sizes!
  • In Wholesale Prices!
  • Collect Contemporary Originals!
  • Painted by Teachers and Professors!
  • Artworks Paintings for Wall Art!

Paintings.works provides beautiful art that fits into your lifestyle!

  • Works
  • Paintings
  • oil painting
  • large wall art
Painted by Teachers & Professors!

New Comments:

* It's perfect. thank you. best regards, Pedro Rosario

* Yes, they were in great condition. Thank you! Debbie

Handmade Artworks for Collectors!

New Comments:

* They are perfect. They are better than I ever imagined. I cannot wait to see them in person. Thanks Teresa

* Got it. Like it :) Thanks. Will Robertson

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